Evolution to Reincarnation

After a year-long love affair with J.Waz, ILL-513 is going to a new home, but staying in the family. From it’s beginnings as a Primal Garage car, it has been through a lot with us

It’s had more than it’s fair share of track-days, mostly with the most ruthless NA exhaust system known to man And always flat on the ground As it heads off into the more than capable hands of Beau’s brother Harley, whose skill is evident by the cars he’s built The thought of where it may go next is terrifying. Arches are already cut out of the front, ready for Tubs. And LCAs modded Bring on the automotive slaughter

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  1. […] up with Harley’s hell new modified knuckle and LCA combo, the latter of which can be seen┬áHERE. A severe setup for a severe […]

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