See you at the crossroads

Seeing as it was recently torn down, stripped out and sold off we’d like to take a moment to pay respects to Spicy’s 180

this is the sort of car that reminds us what is so great about Silvias, there was just something about it

the kind of car that pinpoints exactly what there is to love about the struggle that is recreational, broke ass, grass roots drifting

no power, no posing or over-engineering bullshit

just an epic machine reduced to fond memories and lifeless pieces after a lifetime of abuse

more than the sum of it’s parts


The good news is that this cloud of nostalgia isn’t without silver lining – Spicy has already started his new project, which is truly sick and well under way. If you like roll cages, engine swaps and/or Avalon then be sure to watch this space.

More on that soon.

2 Responses to See you at the crossroads

  1. josh.. says:

    haha thanks dude, i will miss it but its nissan powered toyota time :)

  2. […] big and pretty. Explaining that he felt more comfortable in his old ’86 than he ever did in the 180, this time round Spicy has chosen to mix turbocharged Nissan performance with old-world Toyota […]

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