Your Leb Mate – Ty’s new car

Cars are seeming to change like the weather round here. After blowing a hole in his block months ago, Ty has now bought a Type X 180, and is in the process of de-wogging it. First to go were the S14 stockies, replaced by his D1R’s and XD9’s, and many inches lower. D1R’s need a spacer for the 50mm widebody, but it’s getting there. This week his 740cc injectors, Haltech and loom, and screamer pipe are going in, plus a tune. Should see power around 230kW.

2 Responses to Your Leb Mate – Ty’s new car

  1. Hit & Run Pete says:

    That use to be my mates car, that has my old steam pipe manifold and tial gate, it use to have my HKS 264 cams and valve springs and my sard 850cc injectors and red seats.

  2. J says:

    can’t wait to see this with the new 11s on the back!

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