Cheap skids and cheaper motels

Friday night the guys were invited to a cheap wet-skidpan night at Eastern Creek. Fun had by all, I’m led to believe, until Tyler’s wheels were stolen. 2 of his 18″ Prouds he’d just got for his birthday. Un-psyched to say the least. I got there when skidpan finished up, and we went to the Formule 1 motel, cheapest of the cheap, which was ridiculous. Carpark mechanics, wierdos coming and going from the motel late in the night, and 8 guys getting rowdy in a room designed for 3. Athan ended up wedged between the wall and his bed, since it couldn’t handle us turning it into a jumping castle.

Minimal Sleep later, we got up and got ready for Maccas brekky and skids.

Skids were good. Not too many people there, lots of runs, lots of popped tyres.
BMW Club had a super sprint on which we could see a lot of through the day, including this E34 5-series, which decided to barrel-roll off a grass bank about 4 times. Driver was safe, but his complete dash was about 20m from the car and the rear springs further still. Devvo

Driver of the day: Tyler. Loads of smoke for an N/A

Got a call later on from a friend who’d been at the track the night before, who’d found Tyler’s wheels. A friend of his had nicked them, so he went around to his friend’s house, punched him in the face and took the wheels back. Gnarly.

Good day. Time for more.



5 Responses to Cheap skids and cheaper motels

  1. james says:

    how do you guys get away with driving your cars whilst on your greens…

    i just got put back to my reds from a stupid speeding suspension and dont feel like driving an N/A again… arggh

  2. hitandrundc says:

    some of us are on P’s, one on L’s, and some full license. Some Turbo, some N/A. N/A skids can go pretty good!

  3. Henry says:

    Hey is that the Primal Garage NA S13 with the CA lip ?

    Sweet blog man, loving the NA love

    1. hitandrundc says:

      yeah man, ex primal garage. Big fan of it. We do have a few NAs! Love your blog too.

  4. Henry says:

    So that’s where it ended up. Glad to see it in good hands

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