Motorex 2010

Our buddy Biggie from Fast Fours invited us out to display in the Real Street display at Motorex, on Sunday. Unwashed S13’s + KE70 went well opposite 2SUS VL’s, haha! Had a good time riding BMXs, eating Maccas, and hammering tyler’s car in front of the hideous Queen St cars, but the best part of the day was Wes’ tent while Bro-mobiles got rained down on. Can’t wait for Autosalon!

Bro! Doofing past cops on foot, not a good idea.

Our Mate Rob’s Supermade Instant Gentleman S13.

HIT & RUN cars shot by others.
Shaun’s old R32 4door

Spicy’s Sileighty

Benny’s S13

Waz’s S13

Jack’s KE70

Tyler’s S13

Alex’s S13

5 Responses to Motorex 2010

  1. Vagcat says:

    Missing a White 31 there bro :P

  2. Henry says:

    Spicy’s Sil80 is insane. Love mis match pigs.

    1. hitandrundc says:

      Scooty, didn’t have a pic to post! Devon.

      Yeah henry, love it. Was just in a front-ender, so being straightened out, then new parts on the way. You from Syd?

  3. says:


    you should end the world already im getting bored

  4. Henry says:

    Nah man im fromt Melbourne

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