After a fierce red-stickering, Woods decided it was time for mods. The ones that’d been sitting on the backburner for too long. So on a Monday night we started stripping his baby down, prepping for paint. Roll-cage got pulled out and is yet to be painted, but will be media-blasted and powdercoated soon enough.

Car came back on the Thursday, painted by Magnet. Looked delicious, and was ready for 5 stud rear end conversion to finish the set. So much trouble with seized axle-studs, so one side is still 4-stud, but it’s close. Wound the coil-overs down too, and got it running for photos last Monday, but was way too low. Pulled the front bar off a ton of times, was sitting on the LCA’s and shredded a power steering line, dumping fluid everywhere. Soon enough everything will be sorted and we’ll get some real shots.

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